Project description

2016 Westin General Managers Summit

The 2016 Westin GM Summit, was a gathering of 200+ General Managers, key corporate, global, divisional brand support teams and stakeholders from around the world.

The goals for this meeting were set to build on the momentum of the internal brand culture for this iconic brand that has a very tight GM community, to welcome new General Managers into the fold and define together the future of the brand. The Westin Global Marketing lead the meeting showcasing refreshed brand programs, building a sense of community, exchanging and discussing new ideas, reviewing standards, reviewing business opportunities and presenting the visual evolution of the brand with the end goal of having the attendees leave inspired and equipped to spread information and excitement to their teams.

This three day event's run of show was logistically a great challenge to manage, coordinate and orchestrate. Every single day the environments transformed daily, graphics were changed, vignettes revealed and public spaces sequentially activated and revealed to match the day's agenda. The two bars/ F&B stations in the pre-function space required the changing of the graphics and the F & B set ups to match each break's theme. My personally favorite moment was bringing in a 16' Spruce Christmas tree into the Westin Hilton Head Resort in the middle of summer and hiding it until the reveal.

Deliverables included but were not limited to:

 Custom Stage with Center Changing Graphics
 New Cocktails Concepts (3D / 2D) + Print Component
 General Session Décor and/or Botanicals
 Rental Furniture + High Tables & High Chairs
 Shark Tank Table Set Ups / Rm Set Ups
 Breakout Rooms Table Top Set Up & Décor
 Pre Function High Top Table Botanicals
 Pavilion Breakfast Botanicals
 Way Finding Signage

 Haven Workstation Tables & Check-In Pods
 On Brand Amenities & Gifts Vignette + Print Component
 Botanicals Vignette
 Holiday Botanicals Vignette + Print Component + 12 ft Christmas Tree
 Kids Room Set Up Vignette + Print Component
 NB Gear Lending Display + Print Component
 New Wellness Product Innovations Vignette + Print Component
 New Visual ID/Collateral Vignettes + Print Component
 F & B Stations (2) + Print Component
 Outdoor Farmer's Market Night Event
 Off-site Vinyard Event

 Key Card Design (Arrival Packet)
 Tuesday Amenity: Business Cards
 Sticker for Business Cards
 Sticker for Fit Bit
 Belly Band for Book
 Custom Moleskin Notebook
 Bookmark for Moleskin Notebook
 Amenity Notes (3)
 Amenity Envelope (3)
 Arrival Packet Sleeve
 Name Tag (Arrival Packet)
 Lanyard Name Tag
 Key Card Sleeve (Arrival Packet)
 Printed Agenda (Arrival Packet)
 Agenda Stickers
 F & B Buffet Cards
 Large Hallway Graphics
 Public Spaces Summit Branding
 Airport Arrival Branding
 Airport Arrival Signs
 Car Transportation Menu
 Local Activity Guide
 Travel Journal
 Weekly Activity Sheet
 Daily Activity Sheet
 Family Brochure
 Lookout Table Sign Card
 Check In Pod Sign Card
 New Cocktails Cards

 Registration Site Artwork
 Stargroup Site Artwork
 Digital Invite Digital Questionnaire Creative
 Digital Questionnaire Reminder
 Conference App Digital Assets & Visual Language Guidelines
 Electric Mirror Content
 PPT Template
 HH GM Video
 Static Digital Creative Lobby Touch Display
 Digital Signs Artwork (Property)