Project description

2013 St. Regis & Luxury Collection
General Manager's Summit

The Luxury Collection and St Regis General Managers joined the Starwood Hotels Senior Leadership Team at this dynamic destination, at the crossroads between the emerging and developed worlds, to learn about how the company was positioned to lead in the ever growing global marketplace.

This was the first time the two brands were combined at one meeting. The challenge was to design an environment with one single design aesthetic that would compliment two individually bespoke brands. The stage was particularly interesting in that we produced an "analogue" lentricular effect. Seating the GM's strategically, the stage delivered 3 different messages through graphics. On the center stage we positioned vertical slats vertically and perpendiculer to the audience. The slats had a St. Regis branded graphic on one side and a Luxury collection on the other with the central main message to all General Managers on the graphic behind the slats.