Project description

2013 Le Meridien
General Manager's Summit

This meeting was the bringing together for the first time in 6 years of all General Managers with the Corporate, Global and Divisional brand support teams. The gathering was to create a renewed sense of internal brand culture, sense of community, exchange, and demonstrate  through collaboration how the future of the brand would be shaped. This was a fresh, new look at the brand, how the opportunities were strong and how the brand was ready to be taken to the next level with everyone’s support and unified vision. The theme, EYES WIDE OPEN, signaled a new era and alluded to the idea of providing a new perspective, experiencing it all through the lens of the Le Meridien brand from culture, to cuisine, service, and the destination.

The environmental elements framed the LM brand's new visual identity. The stage graphics changed every day, with each day framing the day's message. The highlight was the transformational bar that came about as a lack of time for the theme changes required for the themed breaks. The bar's facade consisted of tearoff pads that had the day's graphics printed on them. With a short time between breaks the staff would tear off the sheets completely transforming the look and theme of the bar in minutes.